Vitafusion Magnesium Gummy Supplements| 60 gummies, natural flavours


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Vitafusion Magnesium fuses together an essential mineral with a delicious Tropical Citrus flavor into a yummy gummy! Packed with as much Magnesium per serving as 2 avocados, Vitafusion Magnesium is an excellent way to support your bone, muscle, and heart health. With no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no gluten or dairy, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no synthetic (FD&C) dyes, for a vitamin experience you can feel good about! At Vitafusion, we believe taste and nutrition can be fused together to deliver the best vitamin experience, ensuring it’s an easy and delicious part of your day. For over 12 years, we’ve been helping people to live happy and healthy lives with our gummy vitamins and supplements. Anything is possible when great nutrition is your foundation. Take a fruitful step toward a healthier, happier world. Vitamin Better!
•Helps to maintain proper muscle function
•Helps to maintain the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients
•Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
•Delicious Natural Tropical Citrus Flavor
•Gluten-Free, dairy free
•No synthetic FD&C dyes
•No high-fructose corn syrup
•No artificial sweeteners


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