Infacol®|Relieves infant colic. 50 mL


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Infacol® has been specially formulated to relieve wind, infant colic and griping pain.Despite medical research, no one is certain exactly what causes colic. A likely explanation may be the build up of small bubbles of trapped air in your baby’s tummy, which cause pain and discomfort. Infacol® works by helping the small trapped gas bubbles join into bigger bubbles, which your baby can easily bring up as air – helping to relieve their pain and discomfort. Originally sold as the #1 selling treatment for wind, infant colic and griping pain in the UK, this product is now available in Canada. It is suitable and gentle enough to use from birth onwards (unlike gripe waters) and is sugar, alcohol and colourant free with a pleasant tasting natural orange flavour. Given before each feed its clinically proven formula works progressively over several days. Continued usage may help to prevent a further build up of wind.
– Can be used from birth onwards
– Free of dyes/colour, Sugar and alcohol
– Comes with a convenient integrated dropper – making it easy to give to your baby
– Natural orange flavour


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